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It's not the SARS
I have some confessions to make:

I am waiting to go back into the kitchen until I know Chris has finished the dishes. I am pretending to be busy at the 'puter.
Sorry buddy.

Went to see The Quiet American tonight at the Royal. I found Brendan Fraser to have gotten rather the movie was very good, though. I love Graham Greene stories. I went through a Graham Greene phase when I was 19. I could not get enough of his storytelling and his wry humour that was kinda mean but was always balanced with an incredible compassion.

Chris just asked me why I think Greene was so obsessed with fading systems of power/authority. Any ideas?

I took my laptop to Starbucks today and pretended to work. I looked like an asshole. To my credit, so did everyone else.

I have a cold but it is not SARS. There is lots of snot involved. I like to wait until it is half-way down my lip and see if Chris notices.

I often buy books based on their cover. If I have nothing else to go on, that is.

Chris and I went for a run to Trinity Bellwoods and back and then we went for beer and wings (a special!) at Sneaky Dees. Does that cancel out the run?

Is anyone else having crazy Spring dreams? Not dreams about my friend Emily Spring or her sister Amy. But crazy dreams brought on by Springtime. Every Spring I have epic, vivid dreams. Sometimes they cause me to wake up crying. Is it Spring cleaning of the psyche? That ever happen to you? Weird.

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