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"And Louise holds her hands full of rain, tempting you to deny it..."

This has been the most grudging Spring ever. If it is going to rain, can we at least have some warmth?

I went with my mom last night to this lecture on financial planning and investing with her networking group at the University Club.

Between Flip charts and PowerPoints, I'll take the flip charts. The squeaky sharpie pens make the speaker that much more animated.

Between you and me I got a bit sauced on white wine. Two pieces of sushi, a phyllo bundle, and a chicken sate stick is not enough to soak up four glasses of wine.

But I have to say that the wine is exellent for soaking up a boring lecture. When will financial language NOT sound like white noise to me?

And I do think that all of us underemployed folks could learn from this motley crew of networkers: In cities where we are reluctant to share a seat on the bus, we need to support each other; collaborate on gorgeous projects, pass on the good word about jobs and apartments, talk each other up, let more people in the know.

I have to confess, I am more afraid of feeling desperate than I am of not finding a job. I am also afraid of commiting to a job I don't like. But mostly I just want to put an end to this idle, savings-tricklling-away suspense and just get on with things.

As our friend and member of the tribe Bob Dylan wrote in one of my favorite songs ever, Visions of Johanna "How can I explain, It is just so hard to get on."

Actually, it is not that hard to explain. I'll stop now.

PS A friend of mind was just in Montreal hanging out with some white pride people who let him in onto the "fact" that Jews were taking over neighbourhoods in the city and *gasp* running the media (the wacked-out friend would scan credits for Jewish-sounding last names and snicker knowingly).

Ok, so if we are running the media, how come it is so hard for me to find a media-related job, huh? Am I not Jewish enough? Is it because I went to Anglican high school? Brothers, sisters, and members of the secret Cabal, I implore you: If you can find me a well-paying, creative job where I can learn stuff, work with cool people and feel like I am bettering society, I won't let them into the secret ingredient of the bagel.

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