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Yesterday I managed to jam the shredder, the printer, and the photocopier, all before 11 am.
People there are really nice, though.

Here is what I learned:

The guy next to me has 6 kids, but his wife had a miscarriage after number 3.

The woman to the right of me might be allergic to the sun.

The woman in the office is buying a condo.

the woman behind the cubicle likes CHFI soft rock at a barely audible, fuzzy volume.

Everyone has sore muscles.

There is nowhere to get mayonnaise-free salad at King and Bay.

Every office, it is true, makes microwave popcorn at 3:30 pm.

There are lease agreements, extensions, amendments, extension and amendments, and offers to lease. They are printed on legal size paper that can give you cuts.

Sometimes it is OK to do something that has nothing to do with your background.

They might want me all week.

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