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Temporary reflections
Well, my first week as a temp is over.
9-5 was no sweat after a year or so of 7-3:30 at the CBC.
The days whizzed by and I only got two serious paper cuts.
The legal department had kind, kind people in it. From my supervisor who looked like Judith Light, the senior Admin Assis who does graphic design on the side, and the sweet, thoughtful orthodox Jewish man, Moses, who sat next to me who told me I have a good "neshama" (life force/soul in Hebrew).

If I could balance this part time with things that I love in the next little while, I would be happy. Amer freelances and plays music. Julia took a year off work and learned about art and curating, Kate temps and writes. All of them are happier, they say, than when they worked full time.

I got off work early today. Gonna sit in the park with Emily.

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«« past   |   future »»

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