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New Job Day 1
I don't think that "Well-Groomed" would be the first thing to pop in your head when you describe me.
But I am trying.
I ironed clothes first thing this morning. Then changed four times.
Applied makeup. Put on high holiday shoes.
Pulled hair back in severe twist.
And I still don't have that pulled-together look. hmmm. Willl I ever?

On a more obscure note: It never rains but pours.

On a more jock note:
I got mud all over me playing ultimate last night. The field was soaking and the frisbee slippery and I toss the lamest, most oblique throws. But running is so much easier now! This morning I feel all energetic and stuff.

On a more flakey note: I have been having rage dreams for a week straight. I beat people up, lecture like a crazed, righteous pedant, and wake up panting. I have never had these kinds of dreams before.
Julia said that Mars is unprecedentedly close to earth right now. And if you believe in all that horoscope stuff, it is causing some crazy times.

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