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So I went to a concert last night with Elanamatic, Chris, and Matt C.
Interpol did not suck, even though the venue was the unfortunately named "Kool Haus. Their opening band, The Stills, were more raw and interesting performers, and they had the added bonus of being Montrealers with a great rock'n'pop sound.

Interpol, for all their catchiness, did not really depart from their album when viewed live. They were note for note, inflection for inflection, the same band you would hear on their CD. Which is, you know, fine and all, but annoying all the same.
You kind of want to stand around and drink expensive beer until 1am and have a bit more interactivity and rawness. You want them to say more to the audience than "Everyone OK?"
You want to walk away with a temporary crush on one of the band members.
But I am glad I went.
But could someone please get the song:
She was alright
but she can't come out tonight
she broke away, broke away broke away
out of my head?

Also, their song "Hot Shot City" was particularly good.

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