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Kensington Harvest Festival
Yesterday in the market was one of those yardstick days. You know those days? When everyone seems backlit and a distilled essence A day you refer back to when trying to remember ten years from now what that person was doing in 2003. Gorgeous.

paris the hotsauce guy gets down with the head dancer of the Harvest parade.

The proverbial steel drum ensemble

Mai and Raphi put all these rollerskates outside their gallery/home on Kensington for people to try out and skate up and down the car-free street. Raphi is skating up the street, holding their son, Sako.

This kid was getting down like a funky noodle to the Toronto Tabla Ensemble in his leopard-print suit and white sport socks. He was completely un-selfconscious. His parents are digging it too.

Drums. Hips. Rhythm. Etc.

Girls, sunshine, candy apples, puppets...

Stopped by kristos and lisa's place on Augusta for some Sangria mid-aft. Lisa's cat burrowed under the sofa cover, then bit her.

I thought they were bbq-ing sardines, but someone told me it was Smelt.

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