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Bye Ernie
No more Tories

After two horrific terms of Tory leadership, the Progressive Conservative party has been thrown from the provincial pony.

Everywhere, teachers, welfare recipients, unions, medical workers, arts supporters, people with disabilities.... are breathing a deep sigh of relief.

But I am sad at the loss of a party in power I could unambiguously loathe.

While Dalton McGuinty is not the frothing-at-the mouth kind of scary that Eves and Harris embodied, he has a goofy polish to him since he came back from leadership camp in Vermont (where he learned the Clinton thumb gesticulation that either represents virility or a man emasculated by public service, I can't figure it out).

Let's hope he is a decent leader, and if not, let's hope he is a really good adversary who shakes us out of our mochachino complacency.

While the NDP amassed 200,000 more votes, they lost two seats. Democracy has a few kinks to iron out, perhaps.

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