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Hump Day
It doesn't feel like a Wednesday, does it? Anyone need to buy a bed?

I finished "Due Preparations for the Plague" and it kind of sucked. I am sorry to say this because I always liked Janette Turner Hospital. But this potboiler of a spy novel messed with her usual lyricism and her prose came off as either dull or over the top. I stayed up late reading, hoping it would redeem itself by the end.

Next: Ruth Reichl's "Tender at the Bone".

neat article on Oblomovka talks about the evolving "private register". Among some interesting observations, Danny O'Brien predicts that in the future, we will be used to public/private writing styles on the Web; "We'll learn a kind of tolerance for the private conversation that is not aimed at us, and that overreacting to that tone will be a sign of social naivete."

It is what makes politicians so "weirdly-mannered": This hyper- awareness of the volatility of private register statements when commuted to the public context. (not sure if I am paraphrasing it correctly, so go read it yourself).

Chris picked me up for lunch yesterday. We had Yung Sing buns on Baldwin Street.

In Kensington, they have been doing planned graffiti projects, hiring differerent artists to beautify the 'hood. For some reason, Chris always makes me visit the sasquatch on Nassau. He is obsessed.

These faceless figures on Tom's Place freak me out a bit. A few months ago, someone rendered one of them a cyclops. Still freaks me out.

Rich, thanks for installing this browser-based ftp thing. It rocks.

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