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gold stars
So I am doing a bit of work for the Web site of a same-sex marriage group in Toronto because, well, I wanted to volunteer for a cause I unambiguously support.

Also, I like the idea of participating in the making of history.
Same sex marriage is one of those red-hot-controversy issue.
But so was, I imagine, the issue of women's votes in its time.

I imagine that one day it will be considered odd and barbaric that we did not let homosexuals marry. And everyone will forget about the struggle.

Funny story:
Last night at a meeting about the site and logo design, there were some questions as to whether the proposed logo was too male and would offend women (it was the barest of stick figures).

I offered that, as the only woman at the table, it did not strike me as a "gendered" stick figure.
"yeah," they said, "well you are not a lesbian." and laughed.
"but i have worked for feminist ngo's..." I persisted.
"Sorry," they laughed, "not enough gold stars."

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