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so tired
But waking up in the place I share with Chris is like Xmas morning. I mean Hanukkah morning.
Damn! The assimilation has already begun!

Every bone in my body aches. Moving 2 apartments was not easy, but it is done!

4 hours lifing heavy stuff, cleaning the old place (not clean enough, saith the new jerk face tenant on Gore Vale. A mouse plague on his apartment!) and riding our bikes back and forth multiple times, following the moving truck. Geez!

Shout out to Matt Conacher who stuck with us the whole move.

The unpacking has been nonstop, and there is still so much to do. But it is gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous and comparatively so big! I keep saying stuff and realising that Chris can't hear me cuz he is in the next room.

Objects we have in abundance:
Telephones (9)
Dictionaries (5)
Kitschy Figurines with intruiging aspects (a plethora)
Macs of the i-generation (2)
Speakers (6)
vintage valises (8)
Trunks (3)
Coffee grinders (3)
Stovetop espresso makers (4)
towels (20-something)
wineglasses (20-something)
Joy of Cooking (2)
Braun handmixers (2)
Clothes that will be wearable as soon as we sew them (a *lot*)
spare socks (is there another kind?)
toasters (3)
VCR's (2)
little end tables (7)

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