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Miller is new Mayor
Across the city, editors, exhausted with political rhetoric, seem to have had a hard time coming up with anything more appropriate or obvious than "It's Miller Time". It must have been a hard one to resist.

But Hooray!. For the first time since I turned 18, someone I voted for was elected.
Does this mean I am losing my subversive edge? Abandon ship!

Link: cbc

Some fiery, funny, and sharply-articulated thoughts post-election by Rick Mcginnis (who voted Miller, but: "If I see Miller preside over the opening of one more precious parkette, like the Yo-Yo Ma musical shrub farm at Harbourfront, carved out of a bit of public space in front of a wall of condos, I'll utterly regret my vote.")

OK, can we get on with life, now? This election is so *played*,

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