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Brossez-vous les dentes
I went to the dentist today, and my mouth is still frozen. They had to put in a new filling (old one fell out with a particularly tough chappatti). Um, when do I get a job with a dental plan?
But good news: flossing actually works. No new cavities for the first time in 10 years! Bad news: Don't drink hot coffee with a frozen mouth.

c'est frette
Speaking of frozen, it is fricking freeeeezing outside and it is SNOWING. WTF? It was not fun walking with snow blowing in my face, drooling hot coffee on my light jean jacket because I could not feel if my frozen mouth was closed.

donnée sur les fesses
OK, so what is this whole spanking thing? In my family, a playful tap on the tush has always punctuated our interactions.

But there is a funny new meme on the rise, the latest overturned taboo: public spanking. Not just the odd giddyup pat on the bum, but ironic master and servant-style public discipline. You can't go to a party these days without someone administering a few of these fashionable cuffs to the caboose.
I mean punishment to the posterior.
heh. This magazine writing class is bending my writing and my brain.
Anyhow, for the record, Joey was the first to confess to craving blows to the buttocks, and without irony. He was the forerunner to to the backside trend. And you heard it here first. OK, I will stop now.

Le friendster
This friendster thing is funny how it goes in waves. I first heard about it in the Spring from Cory (who else) who was already tired of the trend. But every couple of weeks or so, I will get a request, and be roused to join up another branch of friends.
I look at their friends, they look at mine. I chuckle at their answers, and then I forget about it for another 2 weeks. I am still not sure what my evaluation is. Just when I think i am tired of it, I regain a modicum of interest.

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