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Anger (weekend pt II)
Amidst all the lovely, warm times had, there was a lot of angry energy about this weekend. The two most remarkable cases involved short fuses, and quick turnarounds.

Outside Julia's birthday/housewarming party, there was a drunk man flailing about, challenging all of us to fight him. Chris and Matt calmed him down, but then a group of kids came by and took the bait. They surrounded him and beat him up for about 30 seconds as we screamed from the balcony. When they left, he got up again and asked us to bring him down a beer. I talked to him for a while from the safety of the balcony, to see if he was OK. Whe he asked me to go for a drink (I'm not askin for nothin sexual), I figured he was going to make it.

Satruday, Chris and I were at Tap Phong, shopping for tea balls, when another drunk guy started shouting obscenities at the door, making the proprietors nervous.

As we walked out, we asked the guy: "Hey, how are you doing tonight."

He calmed down immediately, and started telling us stories, and asking us what we thought about a certain serial killer whose story he can't understand: "He had a - whaddaya callit - a degree and everything. And he still went and murdered those girls. I still don't understand.

"I am a trade carpenter, I come from a good family in Nova Scotia, I am unfortunately a chronic alchoholic...and a coke addict....but I have a good heart, you know."

In the end he bid us adieu with a serenade of "speaking words of wisdom, let it be..." as we biked away.

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