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Last night I had big plans, but none of them involved Mike. Mike, with his dj night at the Cameron just hovered on the fringes of possibility.

You see, I had big plans: plans go to the Martin Amis reading (across from my house). But $12.50 seemed a lot of money for the chance to gawk and find my own pithy description of the reviled lit figure. Also, I have only ever read Time's Arrow, which was a feat of extreme cleverness, but ultimately left me cold.

So I made a pizza with all sort of awesome stuff on it and watched Starship Troupers (excellent!) and got a foot massage (also excellent) and considered the other big plan involving a Big Star tribute night at the Horseshoe.

I was waffling about the live music, when Chris declared: "I don't like tribute nights". That clinched it. We would meet Matt and Emily at the Cameron for a drink and watch Mike, who promised to play September Gurls, spin.

We got there too late to see him DJ (last time we left too early). But everyone was there, and by everyone, I mean a vasta array of people from different corners of my life, including:
Mike (duh)
and tons of other familiar Toronto faces. It was a warm night in Toronto Towne. When I went to the back room and saw all these
cartoonists sketching (it had been a release party for a local comic book artist), I spotted Jim M and chatted with him about all sorts of stuff, including his new novel.

Then a band I have never seen before came on: "Run with the Kittens." They rocked the house. I bought their cd at the end of the show, and the singer maintained his perfect egomaniac rock star persona, even off stage.

Note: When I last saw Mike, he was pushing on the party. He was already at the point where he was adlibbing epic cowboy songs, so you gotta wonder: word to Mike who must be suffering a damn fine hangover this morning. Was it worth it?

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