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blogger party (with apologies to Rich)
Rich hates the word blog, even though his major hobby involves the creations of spaces where people can post words and photos online. I kind of understand. For a while it felt keen and dorky, then it felt Gap "everyone in blogware". Now it just is, I hope, a word that will lose its cringeworthiness and become an accurate description of a medium.

A couple of years ago, Rich, Matt, Liz took me to the first NYC bloggers party in New York. The nine dollar vodka tonics were quite memorable, even though I didn't buy one for myself (Tim in NC got one for me via Matt).
Read Rich's review of it here.
We also wore nametags.

At the time, I had not put much thought into the blogger phenomenon, and was a bit too excited to be hanging out with real, live robots to pay much attention to anyone else.

Last night I dropped by Joey's annual GTA bloggers party, and when I first saw the nametags, my initial impulse was: No. No. No. I am not sure why. But I got over that shyness after a drink and plastered on the long URL and stuck it on my shirt.

Things I noticed last night:
Everyone (with the exception of Joey) seems very humble about their blog: "I dunno, I just put shit up."
Each of us has a story about getting in trouble over a posting.
No one is entirely sure why they keep one, but they feel guilty if they don't post for a while.

I got to meet brett, Brent, Liz Vang and of course the lovey Rannie.

I was a bit low-energy and out of it last night and left early with the spins. My monthly pain management had gone a little berserk yesterday with the ingestion of ten advil in as many hours (do not exceed six, said the label), but what was I supposed to do, roll into foetal position and curse the day I was born a woman?

This morning the room is still spinning and it is not alchohol related. I hope I don't have that spinny flu that kate got; I can't afford to get sick right now. And I have invited 4 ppl to dinner. I am second-guessing my decision to make Indian food for them (if I do throw up, it should not be curry).

Today Chris is making me a desk in the sunny backyard. I really wanted to sand stuff and pitch in, but I probably should not be handling power tools if my balance is wiggy.

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