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In the News
Toronto's best movie theatre (and by best, I mean: no strobe lights), the one where I saw Batman in the back row (and sunk deep into their plush seats when Angie, who was kinda thick sometimes, proclaimed loudly: "oh, I get it. Bruce Wayne is Batman!"). Well, it collapsed today in the middle of demolition. Someone was killed and kids from a language school were injured.

A controversial plan to build a bridge to the island airport is pretty much dead thanks to the newly-elected municipal gov't and the federal move to support their decision (kinda complicated background here about federal mandate over portlands and the clashing visionsover what waterfront development really means). Might be boring for non-Trawners.

South of the border, columnist Matt Taibbi has written a great article on Wesley Clark in The Nation. This is a funny, informative read. Taibbi actually goes undercover to volunteer for "be all you can be" Clark. He and his partner pose as porn industry producers wearing cervical collars, to see if anyone bats an eyelash.

On a more pedestrian note:
New haircut by the awesome Kendra. She did this wierd flat-iron thing that made my hair all straight and middle-parted on Saturday. Made it look like my face was peering out through drapes.

After a spinny sick Sat/Sun, I think I am going to ask my doctor for Anaprox perscription so that I don't make myself sick on Advil again. Cramps. Unfair.

Also, this whole "on the verge of getting sick thing" is driving me nuts. I do not, to be clear, want to get sick, but this niggly throat and queasy thing is infuriatingly indecisive. Every night I say: "ugh, I think I am going to be sick tomorrow." Every morning, I feel fine, but by the afternoon I feel craptastic.
Dear Germs: State your purpose, or leave!"

Oh yeah: t.v.? Nope, doesn't ring a bell.
Adam my ex told me to keep the tv after he moved out. He was breaking my heart, he felt guilty. He told me to keep the tv.
I said he could claim it back within a year if he changed his mind.
it is around 20 months later. He can't even keep a coffee date with me. We have not seen each other once intentionally.
And he emails me asking if I want to give him the tv back. Chutzpah.

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