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All I want for Xmas is an Ann Coulter action figure
The Ann Coulter figure is dressed in a single piece black dress, black high heels and gold earrings. The articulated figure bears a striking resemblance to its namesake - even down to Ann's striking green eyes, long blond hair and determined look. Just like Ann, if you press the right button it will tell you exactly what it thinks, and it has plenty to say. "What are you Liberals afraid of? Let me talk."
The dolls are assembled in China.

Other dolls assembled by Talkingpresidents include George Bush dolls. [Company head] Warnock said, "I just thought it would be a fun, cool toy. The president has that neat Texas accent and he does mangle the language sometimes."

Phrases in the president's own voice, placed on the doll's sound chip, include, "Terrorism against our nation will not stand" and "Working to put food on your family." See
(Thanks to honkycracker for the link)

Check it.
New day, new Prime Minister.
But my mind is wandering away from the historically significant coronation of our new toadlike leader and anachronistic portfolio names, such as: "The department of Indian Affairs".

No, gentle readers, I am wondering why I stopped eating peanut butter and banana on toast in the morning. That was the best. stick to your ribs. I blame it on the Atkins trend.

I am also wondering why the buzz you get drinking out of plastic party glasses is of such a lower calibre than with proper glass.

I wonder if Rich (Mr. Elanamatic), who showed up drunk to his surprise 30th birthday party, has a hangover today.

I wonder if anyone wants to get me the Merriam Webster Vocabulary Builder on my Amazon wishlist this morning.

Every day, at least twice a day, someone calls my company, whose number is one digit away from the Toronto Transit Commission's complaint line. The are usually fuming about a bus driver's behavior, or almost getting hit by a streetcar, or something. worthy of an official kvetch. They are so riled up, they don't even listen when I say: "Good morning, [company name]".

They just start launching into it, and the indignation in their voices is so rich, I like to hear them out. I figure it gives them a chance to practice for the real thing. At the end I say: "Are you calling for the TTC? Cuz we are a software company." That leaves them speechless. "Good luck with your complaint, though."

I am a little bit underoccupied here.

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