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I don't get it
Every article I read about Sadaam's capture seems to say that it is an ill portent for doveish democratic candidates. As though his capture "like a rat" retroactively justifies the war.

As though criticism of the war was all about the US failure to capture Sadaam. As though our critical faculties are so shallow that we can't appreciate that unilateral agression sets a brutal precedent for an imperialist agenda. That we will forget that we have found no weapons of mass destruction (though didn't you all expect the weapons to "turn up" a la corrupt cop show scheme?). That we will somehow think that Sadaam Hussein has merged with/transformed into Osama bin Laden (even though the two men purportedly hated each other). As though we will believe that Iraq is synonymous with Al Qaeda. As though this means everything is now "OK" in Iraq, and there will be a smooth an bloodless guide to lasting peace and democracy.

Could someone please explain why this capture bodes ill for someone who was against the war?

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