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Ouchie tooth
My tooth broke way at the back, so I had it fixed today. I was tired of chewing on the other side of my mouth.

So great is my aversion to the mouth needle, I decided to grimace thorugh a narcotic-free drill. I went to my quiet place. You know?

My dentist is very nice, but he put a toothpick AND a clamp between my teeth. I looked up at him, and saw my face reflected in his glasses. looked like my mouth was full of school chalk, but it was actually cotton.

Hit right near my pain threshhold and the bad soft rock radio nearly pushed me over the edge. But they throw in some Joni Mitchell every now and then and that makes it better. And then I was glad I didn't get the needle.

I wish I had benefits.

happy birthday, Chris Romine! I hope you eat a nice cake.

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