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13 things about Hallowe'en and the # 13
1) I was older than 13 before I got over my fear of stepping on cracks.
2) I went to a Hallowe'en party at Chris' house long before I ever thought we would go out. He had a huge papier mache head with a blinky eye in the centre and a cape. He was too scary to talk to.
3) I like to ride my bike in costume. It makes you laugh uncontrollably.
4)When I was 13 the scariest thing happened: I had to leave everything and everyone I knew in Vancouver and move across the country to Toronto where I had no friends.
5) I have spent two Hallowe'ens with Ran. He wore the same wig each time, but had two distinct characters (british slag, "Randy" and French beatnik Renee). He never abandoned character the whole night.
6) In Grade 5 I had a Hallowe'en party and everyone complained that we had not been allowed to trick or treat for long enough.
7) We used to play the game Bloody Mary in the gym changeroom at school. If you do not know this game, you were probably not a preteen girl.
8) We used to also make each other faint. One girl got a concussion when we failed to catch her.
9) I am still scared of the basement.
10) I am still scared of drunk club guys.
11) The scariest dream I have ever had was a result of steroids I was taking to ward off a rash I got picking mangoes.
12) Twelve is the number before

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