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I picked my bike up from Joey and Paul's garage (where I had left it on a frigid night in December). It felt SO GOOD to get on my bike after 3 months of streetcars. Finally, the ice is melting, revealing the grime and potholes and broken glass that makes cycling a veritable obstacle course.

I forgot how the first couple of rides of the season gives you those sore "sits bones". But I don't mind.

New York was short but sweet. Hanging out with Jackie, brother-in-law mattyj and my big-cheeked niece was wonderful. it made me wish for more time where we don't have to invest every moment with the intensity of the short visit.

I read The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time, with the autistic narrator who, among other things, despises the colours yellow and brown.

It reminded me of a lot of particularities we all have as kids but are forced to push beyond. I remember how as kid, I was also very affected by colours, esp. colour combinations.

Green and orange, for instance, made my face feel tight and made me imagine the taste of intense bitterness.
Pink and red together made me feel like someone pulling the blinds up too quickly after a movie or pinching the tender skin under my forearm.

Kiff said that all children experience synaesthesia (sp?) but we are encouraged to compartmenalize our experiences as we get older. I wonder about all the things we discard in order to function, and if there are skills and insights (like the animals who fled to higher ground before the tsunami) we lose forever.

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