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roasted beet salad
It has been raining for days, Vancouver-style, and I have had a nonstop headaches that do not go away with 1) alleve 2) tylenol 3) motrin 4) some generic migraine medicine from rena, though i only took it 20 minutes ago. Doing my taxes on time did nothing to alleviate the pain, so we can rule out the psychosomatic procrastination cause.

I always think that crap health can be traced to my diet, and given a weekend of bread, cheese and wine (thanks to a trip to St. Lawrence Market and two dinner parties), I decided to switch to salads and see if this has any effect on my throbbing skull.

At St Lawrence Market, I found a gorgeous bunch of organic beets for a dollar and a bunch of new, fat leeks and some quality greek feta. Added some green beans for good measure and toasted nuts (cuz they make everything taste good) and I had a tasty dish:

Salad 1: Roasted beet, green bean, and leek salad with toasted walnuts and feta cheese
roast 4 large organic beets in tin foil for an hour in the oven at 450
take them out to cool. peel them (though wear an apron for chrissakes) and slice them into rings. slice the rings in half.
put a tray of trimmed green beans and sliced leeks with fresh thyme (dry if you don't have fresh) and 2 tbsp of olive oil. I don't know about quantity, but you want the salad to be an even spread between beets and beans with only 15% leeks.
when they are cooked and the beans are still bright green (about 20 min), toss them in with beets in a big bowl.
Roast some walnuts on the stove.
toss those in.
balsamic vinegar (1 - 2 tbsp) Lemon will do if you don't have any balsamic.
find some goat or feta cheese, crumble that in (be generous).
Eat alone or with some russian black bread.

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