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I have so many to-do lists going, I am a madwoman. This is totally uncharacteristic of me, but I have been experiencing a strange fit of anxiety, every task that I have left undone has begun to chase me like so many guilt-ghosts.
Student loan
library fine
condolence letter
congratulations letter
Revenue Canada
Cellphone people
reserve tickets
birthday gift
shower gift
answer emails
return book
return movie
101 work things before my vacation

And larger things that are too specific and/or embarassing to mention...ones that don't even belong to me. I have started to worry about kiff's to-do's, too! What is happening to me?
But imagine if I get it all done. How will I feel?
Is there such thing as getting everything done?

By the way, shopping for bathing suits was an unmitigated disaster. I had no idea my thighs would ever betray me so. Et tu, cellulite? Oh, the self-loathing. I have no idea why it is so difficult to find bathing suits outside of Eaton Centre. I tried so hard to dig the mega mall vibe: I got an orange julius, winked at teens, fondled discount handbags. But in the end, it was soul-crushing.

But then I came home to Kiff(who makes me feel like I am completely gorgeous) and the anxiety evaporated. And we ate pasta and watched season four of Six Feet Under.

By the way: A huge thank you to my cousin Richard who sent the DVD's all the way from Vancouver!(I know I work on websites, but actual postal service makes me marvel).

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