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dinner with margo
Had margo over for dinner last night. Yo, it is "invite your striking cbc friends to dinner" week.

Made some good eats for din, including:
beet borscht with the juice of one grapefruit and a dollop of sour cream
Tillapia in a white wine saffron sauce
Polenta baked with melted parmesan topped with caramelized leeks (green onions also work), mushrooms sauteed with butter, garlic and thyme (deglaze pan with lemon juice). Assemble the ingredients and drizzle with a balsamic reduction (literally 1 cup of balsamic vinegar reduced on stove to 1/2 cup). This dish rocked.
And a spinach salad
And kiff made an apple pie. yum.
I am addicted to prosecco.

maybe this is a phase all aspiring cooks go through, but I am startign to think that the key to all kickass flavour might lie in reductions.

You know, I am having a really stressful time at work, and it was truly relaxing to cook a proper dinner.

It was a warm night, and we sat in the back yard, hearing stories of Margo's year in France (she took off for a year with her kids to France and studied French and rented a home near Aix en Provence).

For future ref: If you rent a house in a foreign country, be careful about inviting anyone to come stay with you. Because they will. All of them. And you will end up hosting more than living.

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