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Navel Gazing
I know, I know, everyone wants to talk about the company I work for being bought by a larger company - it was everywhere in the news!

But I would like to take this moment to apprise you of a different, exciting new synergy that is not affiliated with Canadian media conglomerates:

Chris and Adina Incorporated will be launching our own brand of baby in January (the 25th, to be precise).

Chris and I would like to encourage all stake holders to see this new development as a merger between market-proven sperm and quality egg rather than a takeover of my uterus. I would also like to inform you that I intend to continue with my duties as chief writer and director of Pony. What's more, I intend, over the next six months of rotund restructuring, to prove just how much a blog can be about navel gazing.

I have taken the liberty of including an FAQ (based on questions I have most oft heard of late):

Q) Was it planned?
A) Did you know that even acquaintances with prudish sensibilities ask me that question? Not that it offends me, but it is funny when you think about it.

Q) Did you conceive in Mexico?
A) Possibly. I am very bad at math.

Q) Can you tell if it is a boy or a girl?
A) At 12 weeks, the technology available to us in Canada makes it pretty difficult to discern gender. The second trimester ultrasound usually seals the deal.

Q) Do you want to find out the gender?
A) This question is funny. Because people asking this question inevitably have a very fixed idea of whether they, themselves, would like to know the gender of their hypothetical offspring. People are split down the middle on this one, and it is simply a personality thing. Personally, I plan to find out if the information is there. I am not *dying* to find out, nor do I think it would "ruin it" by forcing me into assigning early gender roles to the unborn child. I also don't think it will "spoil the surprise" - seriously - a baby is going to come out of my vagina. I can't imagine anything more surprising than that.

Q) OBGYN or Midwife?
A) Midwife. Three of them, to be precise, though one is a student. Ontario health care has covered midwives since the 80's I think. Mine are pretty laid back and attentive. There is also some crazy stat that you significantly less likely to need an episiotomy or a c-section when you are in the care of a midwife.

Q) Have you had an ultrasound?
A) Yes, two! The first one, six weeks ago, looked like a goldfish cracker inside a fava bean. Today's ultrasound looked like a real, dancing baby, kicking and punching all karate style. I am still delirious from seeing that.

Q) Have you had morning sickness?
A) Not so much, though I am "off" some old faves. I have also reinvented sleep. Oh man. I am building a baby!

Q) Do you feel different?
A) Humanity is both more heartbreakingly wonderful and maddeningly annoying than I have ever experienced. I love everybody. And they drive me crazy!

Q) Are you both excited?
A) Words do not begin to describe...

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