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Where I been at?
 I have been at work. A lot. And I have this new position. And we launched a new site. And I don't blog about work, but you should know that I am writing bloggy stuff all day for the jobby part of my day. And the pony, it suffers.

I was at work for the inauguration of Obama. We were all invited to the big boardroom up in the sky to watch our network broadcast this historic event. And the whole time I wanted to be home with my family.

I mentioned this to a baffled co-worker, who looked at me like i had sprung three heads, each more freakishly retarded than the next. And, once again, no offense to any of the varied and often lovely people I work with, but when people ask you, 20 years from now, where were you during Obama's inauguration, are you going to be glad that it was beside that dude from sales who clacked away on his blackberry the whole time? Or that brunette who works on websites?  

And there I go blogging about work again. Bad!

Friday I took the day off work to hang with Gabriel late in the morning before taking him to daycare. And I heard that news story. Yes. That one in Belgium. I can't talk about it but I will never, ever forget it. It's the elephant in the room. Like when Barack and Michelle stepped out of their super-slick bullet-proof limo. Your head is screaming NOOOOO! but you don't say it out loud and you get on with your day. 

Because we can't control everything. Maybe we can't control anything at all, but we pretend we can so that we can put our heads down on our pillows at night and sleep without that aforementioned elephant strutting across our dream stage.

I have read these great books in the past couple of months, namely The Clothes on Their Backs (Linda Grant), Norweigian Wood (that Murakami sure digs the crazy chicks) and White Tiger (Aravind Adiga).  

And I have been cooking like I am searching for the right dish. Ropas Viejas. Fish Burritos. Stuffed Eggplant. Vats of that curried carrot soup from the Union Square cookbook. I bought a heavy tortilla press. I want to distill flavours and scents into this bleached-out deep freeze.

Happy year of the Ox! I am an Water Ox, myself. 

Gabriel is a Fire Dog. Here he is playing piano:

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