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Things I have already messed up this month
I have totally messed up potty training. He was doing really well for a while, but the focus became too great and our efforts too inconsistent. Now it's become this drama/power struggle and he won't even sit on the darn thing. Now he will totally have issues and be one of those people who can only go at home and it will be totally my fault.

I have also totally messed up my skin. I look good with a tan, but I am going to become one of those ladies with wrinky cleavage if I don't start applying the SPF20.

My plan to eat better. A week of brown rice and vegetables followed by days of meat and cupcakes. Body=confused!

Taking out the garbage. Particularly the diaper bin. And now the city is on strike. Can't wait to see what shit, curry, and steak cook up together in the compost bin during a heat wave.

Disciplining my child. He has me totally wrapped around his finger. All he has to do is put his cheek on my chest and snuggle up to me and I am lost. It's a good thing he's such a sweet guy.

Preparing myself to let go a bit: I am totally freaked that G is moving up to the preschool room at daycare. What a big change! From groups of five gentle toddlers playing in their smocks with shaving foam to a sprawling group of rambunctious big kids stomping on each other in the sandbox! I am scared.

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