Speaking of Robots
Here are a few post-holiday robots.
A friend of Mrs. Robot's gave her this bracelet. "Dr. Rich" is what her friend calls me. I forget why.

Pony sent us this lovely robot print. Thanks!

I also got some robot cuff links, but oddly I'm don't I have a photo of them.

Oh, The Facebook
I wondering what the point of Facebook is when I find myself hiding almost of half of my ‘friends’ to the point where I only see updates from my wife and Stu and Eri(c or k)((S or W or K))s.
I friend, then I hide. Not sure the point.

The big change for me was friending my aunt-in-law. This is basically like friending my mother-in-law because they talk daily about everything. I’m feeling a bit self-concious now, but on the other hand, it’s a great way to control ‘my’ ‘message’ to my in-laws. Instead of hearing about something I said or did through the family grapevine, I can now craft and tailor my message directly to them.
I think I’m over thinking things.

What is that called?
I feel like Pony has alluded to this before. You have this outlet (happyrobot or facebook or twitter or WebTV.Blog) and you become friends with more and more people and then you reach the point where you feel that you don’t have an outlet anymore to complain. I can’t complain about work on Facebook because I’m friends with all these people there (I’ve even tried to avoid that, but it’s odd not to accept friend requests with people you are friendly with on a daily basis).
Luckily no one reads my happyrobot posts, so I can say that my family and co-workers are all wack-ass bumbleheads.
(yes, I can block certain things on FB (and I do) but still, I don’t exactly trust those tools)

No, really. Who out there is reading this on WebTV? Grandma?
Let me know!

Are people really upset about this? Their star signs not being what they thought they were?
For real? In the year 2011?
Magic is all around us!

Delivery Crazed
I think I suffer some sort of loony obsessiveness when it comes to awaiting the arrival of a package. It doesn’t really matter what the item is, but if something is headed my way and I can track it on the UPS or FEDEX website I can get a bit goofy in regards to checking the status on the tracking page. Literally, I could sit here and just click refresh all day and not think anything about it.
Do you do that? Or am I just losing marbles (I’ll need to order some new ones)?

No Time
People with the tiny children, I don’t know how you do it. I’m exhausted and there are no tiny children in my life.
I’d raise a glass to you, but I’m kind of tired.

11:02amSanta (i.e. Christmas Cash) brought me a Kindle. I took it on our little vacation to Montserrat and read two whole books - which is more books than I think I read in 2010. Maybe. What a great little device it is. I like that it has a singular purpose and it does that quite well. The screen is great.
What about the iPad? That’s what people keep asking me, so last weekend I brought home the office iPad (kind of like taking the class hamster home for the holiday) and used it over the three-day weekend.
What I enjoyed:
- There are some pretty applications to download and use. Twitter and that FlipBook one.
- Videos and photos and things look great on the screen

What I anti-enjoyed:
- It’s heavy. Maybe it’s the constant use of the Kindle, but one morning in bed I was trying to use it and it was quite awkward to use and hold (yes, much like my sister).
- Is it my imagination (aka ‘head marbles’) but is the app store for the iPad a bit lacking? Did I not see a Facebook app, apart from the iPhone version?

Oh well. I’m happy with my iPhone and Kindle.

Speaking of bikes (wait), I did get two lovely bike-related gifts for Christmas from Mrs. Robot (I'm still climbing out from under the holidays).
These sweet-ass (I wear them every day) cuff links are images from old bicycle advertisements. Get your own!

She also gave me this equally sweet-ass (possibly more so) Laurent Fignon (RIP) t-shirt.
(you can buy your own here!)
You may recognize him from my childhood bedroom poster collection.

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let‘s go montserrat: then we saw plymouth das boot: my boot debacle of 2011

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