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What I was doing: Rock Shows. Tacos. Bicycles.

You can go home again
Hello BikeAs many of you may have heard, I have a new bike. Our apartment isn’t that large and having more than one bike isn’t super space efficient so I put the older bike on the Craigslist.
That was a fun experience. Apart from anonymous sex, I haven’t used Craigslist that often and the bike proved to be a quite popular item. A lovely young lady from our hood ended up buying it and off she went.

Jump to a month or so later and I’m walking out of our building and the bike is locked up out front. Bike! You don’t live here anymore. You have a new owner.
I did leave a little note on the bike (“Hi red bike! Hope all is well!”) and I bet the new owner thinks I’m a creepy stalker now (of course, she parked in front of my place).

Did I mention the Archers of Loaf?
Man, it’s been busy.
Last (last) weekend, we ventured into Williamsburg to the Music Williamsburg Hall of Music Hall to watch our home-staters the Archers of Loaf play. If you want to download and hear the quite awesome show, the great NYCTaper website has the show posted in the popular MP3 format for your iZune.

The first song played was ‘Audiowhore’. The room exploded. No, really, listen to the recording. It was some powerful rock shiznit.

Apparently in Yemen, you yell at your family members. And that means you love them. I think.
I wonder if someone is being murdered over there? Or are they just chatting about their day? Hard to say.

I'm not looking forward to going back to work, because I've loved our lazy mornings drinking coffee, reading the paper, and watching the live Tour de France coverage. Tuesday's stage went right through the town we'll be visiting in a few weeks. It looks pretty.
(anyone but Contador)

GWB Craptacular
Apparently they shut down the walkway on the GW Bridge every 4th of July so that people don't camp there for the fireworks. This means that all of us bike types have to carry/ride our bikes on the northern walkway of that bridge.
Let's see, I think there seven stairways that you get to tote your bike over.
Oh, did I mention that the walkway is filthy with gravel and crap (it seems that drivers headed to NJ just throw broken glass out their window). Suck suck suck.

Later that day, I took this photo of the George Washington Bridge. A much prettier view and you can barely make out the gravel and glass right there on the walkway.
George Washington Bridge - 4th of July

Taco Towne
The happyrobot taco team was out and tried to new places.

Tacos at Empellon
Fancy Mexican. I am totally for fancy Mexican (as is the NYT).
Pretty good tacos (with crazy West Village markup prices) with the star the al pastor - at least that was my vote. We had some other dishes such as a almost flavorless octopus salad and some pretty bland and overly creamy guacamole. There were sopes which were interesting in that they seemed to have an almost salty crust, but otherwise it was just fine.
Just fine. I’ll stick to Hecho en Dumbo and/or  Cascabel Taqueria.

Fish! Al Pastor! Tuesday tacos.
Taqueria Nixtamalito
Located near City Hall, Taqueria Nixatmalito is the Manhattan outpost of the popular restaurant/store of the same name in Queens. I had lunch there on July 5th, AKA “4th of July Recovery Day”. Interestingly since they are known for their fresh masa and tortillas, I thought that was the weakest part of the tacos I had. It was a late lunch. Maybe there gettting stale? I had a fish taco and al pastor taco - the al pastor had super extra chunks of pineapple in it; a nice touch (I'm always worried about getting scurvy). Their al pastor was much better than the version at Empellon.

I was thinking about you just this weekend because I went with my special lady friend to Cascabel Taqueria. We went to the sitdown restaurant and had an extremely mediocre meal. I had to explain to SLF that it was totally not like this when I last went! Next time, going to the counter, if at all.
»stu ||  7/5/2011 ||  11:12:27 PM
poo. that is sad to hear.
»:r ||  7/6/2011 ||  7:51:56 AM
They do have two restaurants, so I think I just need to make sure I go to the take out counter style one, rather than the fratty tequila bar atmosphere of the sit-down restaurant.
»stu ||  7/6/2011 ||  10:28:29 AM
We have a new taco place! We had breakfast nachos from there, a concoction that I never thought of but now dream about: chips with scrambled eggs, salsa and cheese on them. I would put pinto beans in there too but I'm daring like that.
»lisa ||  7/8/2011 ||  2:55:33 PM

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