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labor day in nyc is a fine time

Version 9.0 is slowly coming out. having a few tech issues still, but nothing that is bringing the whole site down. let me know how it works on your machine if you have a free moment (especially mac users). V9.0 will hopefully allow you to see all the content at one time and also tell what has been updated, quicker.
and it was also an excuses to make a fun AOL spoof page.

labor day in nyc is a fine time, if you ask me. it seems like the city is a bit less crowded... you can get seated at restaurants immediately (even saturday night at 9pm) and get a table at a cool outside bar later. all the parking places in front of our building are available (you shoulda driven to visit us this weekend).

labor day in nyc has been warm and sunny. we had a lovely dinner saturday night with the 4 R's (r&r, raq, robin) and lee.
went to Diner in williamsburg... if you like chicken (and i know you do) go there now and order the roasted chicken. this is where a combination of writing this at 3:51am and not being a food critic reveals my lack of descriptive words for food, but it is amazing. whatever they do to the skin is dang tasty, and this time it was served with corn + jalapeno pancakes, which were covered in chicken 'juice'. it was beyond good. and for dessert you have to get the flour-less chocolate cake. mommers-mia. Diner has been consistently great.

labor day in nyc means reading the paper in the park for as long as you want. and drinking three cups of coffee if you feel like it.

our pal brian turned me on (he has that effect) to the band, pinback. um, they so rock.

kristen, according to the teens here in nyc, visors are really Y1K (rach will back me up on this). not to diss your post, it's just that i saw this whole thing on the "TV" the other night on our local Metro Channel (the best tv channel in the world, actually), and the teens were like "yeeech" to visors. i am not criticizing your fashion sense or what not.. just trying to keep it real as they say. i think that eminem fellow popularized them for the suburb set.

while looking for a pic of ol' eminem wearing a visor, i found this
Christine's Culture Page

right now on the ol' winamp: Kings Of Convenience
we gots some new stuff coming up on the radio this week.

good god i gotta sleep.

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