Once Again
Last Thursday morning while most people were either snug in their beds or up early making pie, we were at JFK getting on a flight to the sunny town of Los Angeles. As always, flying on Thanksgiving day is generally peaceful and quiet and stress free – maybe because everyone is half-asleep already.
We got to LA around noon, grabbed a coffee at the airport and headed to the casa of our pals Kristy & Matt for vittles.

Bacon wrapped pork with stuffing.
Once Again: Food
We gorged as always. The food was terrific. There was a turkey of course, but the poor bird was completely overshadowed by the pork. That would be the pork that was covered in bacon and then stuffed with wonderful things. Crikey. It was amazing. For real. No reason to have turkey anymore.

Then there was the sweet potato gratin. Oh, and some stuffing and about a hundred other things.
Happy eating

Once Again: Drink
Dom Ruinart 1998Big thanks to the TSA for not stealing my booze out of my luggage. This year I brought out a lovely bottle of Champagne (Dom Ruinart 1998) for the pre-dinner toast and then an amazing Sauternes (Chateau Rieussec 2003) for the after dinner pie fest.
There was a lot of wine on the table for dinner (skewing California) but I latched on to a great early-2000’s German (Mosel) Riesling that was just perfect. It disappeared before I could note the exact vintage and producer.

Once Again: Good Friends
I suspect our families would all rather have us eating Thanksgiving with them, but until my mom can make a pork roast like the one we’ve had for the past couple of years, we’ll happily spend it with our California friends.
(No, but for real. Good friends.)

Our little Fiat
At the Hertz rental car place, I noticed a Fiat 500 sitting out front and we somehow got the keys to that (“Somehow” = “Paid extra”). Here’s my road test of the Fiat 500 that they have at Hertz at LAX (this would be the silver one and not the purple one we saw as we left).

Small. It’s small. That said we got both of our roll-y cases in the back.
The engine doesn’t sound great under pressure, but had no issues on the freeways. At 75mph it was actually fairly solid feeling – nothing squirrely. The big complaint we had was the ride. It doesn’t have the same quality ride you get in the small Hondas or VWs. Pretty jarring and bumpy. We had rented a Mini Cooper the weekend before. The Mini can have a jarring and bumpy ride, but you feel like it was purposely engineered that way whereas the Fiat’s ride I suspect is just due to being a small and kind of cheap.

It looks great and parking it was awesome. Actually, parking was the best part. So easy and small.
(like my sister?)

Three parts! Read them all!
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Then there was Flat Anderson (Cooper)

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