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Our Orange Cat is Quite the Mouser

Talking about cats on the internet
Oh, what a day I had yesterday. You know we have a new cat, right? She’s orange and quirky and her name is Ruby. For the past week she has been staring at walls. When your cat stares at walls, she is either:
- Sensing mice in the walls
- Seeing dead people
- Seeing dead people in the walls living with mice
- Staring at the walls just to freak you out
- Thinking about paint
- Dimwitted

As I’m a bit of a cat-whisperer (in that I whisper to my cat) I know that she is sensing mice in the walls.

My favorite suit
I bought a new suit with my recent gambling winnings normal paycheck and I love it. The suit is nice, but what makes it the best (and therefore my favorite) is the tailoring they did. Perfectly done. Fits like a crazy leotard.

Here I am wearing my favorite suit after a long day of work. I open the door to my apartment and there is orange cat to greet me and then I see something odd on the floor and there’s the primal instinct that tells me “that is not a cat toy” (because cat toys are usually hair-ties and washcloths for this cat).

Oh, it’s a mouse. Or, it was a mouse. And honestly, it’s only half a mouse at this point. Here’s what it looks like.

Wearing a suit. Cleaning up blood and mouse guts while a smug orange cat sits and watches.
(“why are you cleaning up perfectly good guts?”)
I mop. I clean.

Later I hop on my bike and go out for an ride. When I come home she is now staring a bookshelf.

I jump in the shower. As soon as I finish and pull back the shower curtain, I see a small black blur zoom by with a large orange blur chasing it. Oh, crap. Another mouse?

Picture this: all the curtains are open. The lights are on. A pasty white guy in a towel is chasing a cat around trying to get the cat to drop the mouse and/or stay out of the office and bedroom. I’m sure my neighbors found that hilarious.

Good Kitty
As a professional cat owner, I know that you want to be very happy and encouraging when a cat catches a mouse.

Mouse #2
It takes a good 5-10 minutes to get the cat to give me the mouse.

Mouse #3
As I’m leaving to meet MattyJ for dinner, I see another mouse. Orange cat sees the mouse as well but isn’t able to catch it.
I fully expect another carcass when I get home tonight.

Mice Killing Cats Rule.

Why Mice?
They re-did the floors in the apartment next door and I’m sure they displaced some mice. We normally don’t have a rodent problem.
Then again, it’s a really old building. Our super, upon hearing of the recent mouse incidents, joked that our building is partially supported by the mice living in the walls.

Our old cat was quite the mouser as well.
Dear Adina’s Rat – an open letter from my cat

Matty J! Sonnofabitch! Hey Rich.
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