Baked Oysters in New Orleans
Oysters. Gumbo. Clicquot.

Beignets at Cafe Du Monde
Powdered sugar. Black shirt. Great idea.

Delicious little sandwiches while visiting Glenmorangie House (I had the place to myself)
Hello lunch!

Arrived in Paris. Taken immediately to amazing lunch. The duck.
Hello duck

The Rum Cake made by my lovely wife for my birthday
For my birthday: Rum Cake

A tremendous meal at Hennessy while visiting Cognac
Tremendous Dinner

Salmon. Bacon. Eggs. At Café Patachou in the Indianapolis Airport.
Salmon. Bacon. Eggs. Bless you Indy airport.

Dinner at America Eats in Washington DC.
Easily the best meal/weekend of 2012. Brilliant and amazing dinner.
Shrimp & Grits at America Eats

Taro Sushi, even in a new and bigger location, is still making some amazing sushi.
Horse mackerel with the little ginger and onion stuff.

Once again, breakfast at Cafe Patachou in Indianapolis is just terrific.
I heart Cafe Patachou

Lunch at Le Bernardin. What a treat.
Moet Lunch at Le Bernardin - First Course

Lunch at Hotel L'Yeuse in Cognac.
I still think about this dish. So warm and savory. Eggs. Balsamic. Asparagus.
The eggs were to die for.
Eggs. Baby Asparagus.

Fruit of the sea!
The first course at Chateau Bagnolet in Cognac.
Dinner at Chateau Bagnolet: Fruits of the Sea

The Foie Gras Burger at Le Foch in Reims, France
Le Foch: Foie Gras Burger

Krug Champagne. Pork.
By the river on the Fourth of July. That was a long night.
Happy 4th of July. Pork. Krug.

Definitely healthy. The tempeh and kale from our CSA. We ate a lot of this.
Kale! Tempeh! Crazy carrots!

The Paul Qui dinner at City Grit. Very hot (literally). Amazing meal.
Quail. Oh my.

Vegtables from our CSA
Tomatoes and basil from CSA. Bread from Caputos.

Visiting ATL for work and we had a lovely lunch consisting of this dish: Bone marrow + Fried quail egg + Tuna tartare. It somehow all worked.
Bone marrow. Tuna tartare. Fried quail egg. Cape Mentelle.

Visiting Vegas (bleh) and having dinner at é by José Andrés. Good meal. Stupid town.
Truffle Cotton Candy with Gold

I don’t eat a lot of sushi rolls, but there is one at Ki Sushi that has king crab on it (my fave) as well as roe and gold leaf. That is pretty tasty.
Long week = gold leaf on top of the roe on top of king crab

Insert photo of Thanksgiving in Los Angeles.
I somehow didn’t take any photos of the actual, amazing-as-usual Thanksgiving dinner because the battery in my camera died and I had a bit of a cold.
But, take my word: It looked great.


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