Heading home.
First of all: Flying
Holy cow. I like sitting on airplanes.
Or, technically, sitting IN airplanes.
According to the fun OpenFlights.org website, in the year 2013 I logged:
108 segments
124,841 miles
13 days 21:29

This is more than 2012, which was:
81 segments
64,686 miles
8 days 5:35

That is crazy. I just finished the book Cockpit Confidential, which was fun if you fly or like flying or just like pilots. I mention that because after a zillion miles, I think I’m becoming slowly not so freaked out by turbulence as I used to be. Not sure if it’s just because I fly a lot or because of the book which covers turbulence and why you shouldn’t be a scaredy cat. Or maybe I’m drinking more on planes.
Ha. No. That’s not it.

This year was pretty fun travel wise. Mrs. Robot and I went to Hawaii and then France together. I went to New Zealand and Australia.
Let’s look at the highlights! In photo form!

For my birthday, Mrs. Robot took me to Soto for dinner. Incredible.

Dinner at Lao Dong Bei in Flushing.
Insanely awesome. Unlike anything I've had. Why don't we go there more often?

Then we went to Hawaii!

Pok-Pok in Portland!
They like fish sauce.

Jackson (WY): Nice pool
Then I visited some Mountain States. They are pretty.

Then in June I went to Australia and New Zealand. Insane.
Cloudy Bay Mustang Pinot. Sunset.

Looking towards Cape Mentelle

Early morning in Sydney: good morning opera house

Awaiting lunch
Hello Doggy.

Irene is floating down the river
We went up to Narrowsburg once again and sat in the river.

Stu got married!
I crushed them.

Then Mrs. Robot and I went to France!

Vineyards near Champillon

Hello Grand Crus!

Domaine de la Tournelle: Vins du Jura

Krug Clos d'Ambonnay in Clos d'Ambonnay

Tuk Tuk through the streets of Paris

TWA Terminal
There's the TWA terminal! They had it open for "Open House NY".

A lovely Sunday in Brooklyn
We went to an apartment open-house. The apartment was crappy, but the view from the roof deck was tremendous.

Pre-food madness
Of course, Thanksgiving was spent in Los Angeles!
Once again, full of love and thanks and wine and amazing food.

Krug Clos du Mesnil in snowy Ohio
Then it was snowing. But I had some Krug.

Best wishes to you for a wonderful 2014.

Oh, did we mention that our cat loves lettuce?

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