dear adina,

every now and then on the crowded morning train, some teacher will get a great idea to take her class somewhere and to use the subway to get there. this means that all of a sudden the doors will open and a whole bunch of kids will pile on to the train.

depending on the kids, this can be fun or a pain in the ass.

- if the kids are all cute and wear funny little outfits, it's not bad.

- if they are all mentally handicapped and start dancing when one of those one-man-band guys gets on the train, it's a lot of fun.

- if they are really loud and act like they have never ridden on the train, it's a headache causing pain in the butt.

this morning, i had the pleasure of having two different classes of kids get on.

the first class was already on when i got on, and i honestly didn't see them until i noticed that there were a lot more kids on the train than normal. i will call these kids the 'probably private school' kids, because they were dressed a lot cooler than me and were very well behaved.

two stops later, the second group gets on, and i will refer to them as the 'loud ass never ridden the train' group.

the first group of kids looked at the second group the same way most of us were probably doing... "oh boy, loud kids out of control"

the kids pushed and shoved their way in, and kept jostling around which is annoying if you hadn't planned to spend the whole train ride with your crotch slammed into some ladies face.
that sounds bad.

ok, but then these three kids, who were with the second group decided to start discussing race. both classes were fairly racially diverse, so these three black kids started discussing the race situation on the train.

they looked at me. one kid said, "see, he's white". (did i mention that these kids were also very observant?).

"yea, look, he's white, too"

"she's asian"

"well, that means she's white"

they look at this somewhat dark middle eastern fellow, and say,"yea, he's white, too"

"all these white people want us off the train"
was the last thing said before their teacher told them to shut up.

then their teacher realized that they had gone 4 stops past their stop.

hope all is well in toronto,


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