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latke night

good golly
we saw the Royal Tenenbaums last night. what a nice movie.. those boys sure are clever. the happyrobot staff all gave it a thumbs up. followed by a thumbs up for the new subway cars that are running. (you know lawton has seen this movie.. but doesn't seem to want to write a review)

friday night was 'latke night' at e&j's house. after viewing that great website with the guy who puts stuff on his pet rabbit's head, we decided to start a new holiday tradition of sticking latkes on their cat's head. which we did, and then we got carried away. and again.

remember, this holiday season, make some time to stick latkes (or any thing else for that matter) on your pet's head.

this is the week before christmas, which i think means that it will be the week when i get lots of things not done. i just have that fear. i think i am slowly turning into an anxiety ridden middle aged woman who wants this to be the most perfect christmas ever. if fed-ex is working like they are supposed to, all my gifts should start pouring in today and i can start wrapping them. i still need to buy something for my brother (other than giving him a single cd) and my parents (need one more do-dad).

last night we are leaving to go to the jackson diner for dinner, and i see this woman standing in front of one of the buildings on our street. just standing there, and even though it's from a distance, i get the feeling that she has been there a while, and is either:
-waiting for someone
-mad and standing outside

well, i think the latter is true, because when we come home almost six hours later (it was a long dinner) she is still there, but now is sitting there. we almost walk right past her without noticing her (she was now sitting down).

so strange.

in my constant 'what in the world is this person's tragic story' i kept wondering why she camped out in front of this one building. i mean, it wasn't very inviting, and it actually wouldn't be the best place to be if i was choosing a place. she wasn't on the stoop, but was outside the gate and was kind of 'in the way' sidewalk-wise.

when it's cold outside, it makes the homeless in this town even more sad and tragic.

subject change.
our pals derek and rachelle have what i believe to be the cutest damn baby. we aren't necessarily big baby fans, but this kid is a charmer. he's very handsome and just starts smiling whenever he sees girls.

actually, we met tv's daughter saturday night, and she was pretty dang cute too. and john lawton was there, and well, he is kinda cute (and does smile, or, um, smirks at girls).

is this seat taken?

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