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30 Great Things Written in 2002

30 Great Things Written in 2002
Greetings all. 2002 is coming to a close and we barely made it out alive. I am amazed that I am not living in some nuclear fallout disaster area fighting off zombies trying to eat my brain (note to zombies: my brain is a bit gamy - but I bet Tim's is quite tasty).

In the spirit of doing the de rigueur "end of the year list", I set about to go through the robot's journal entries this year and pick my favorites.

I did this for a number of reasons:
1. Because I can
2. Because I had like 55 hours with nothing planned
3. Because I like to make lists

Before you read the list, please understand that I have liked everything that appeared on the robot this year. I love you all and will hug each of you the next time I see you. Really. You all are awesome.

Also, there is no order to this list. And, there are some writers that I didn't even feature, but that doesn't mean I/we don't like you any less… it's just the way the whole list worked out (actually, I only included one featured article from EdgeDweller, but we all know that EdgeDweller just kicks ass 24-7 and there was no way I was going to list every one of them).


Happy Nude Year,

benevolent Leader
happyrobot world service

  • Backpackers and Israelis

  • Two dead babies in a Thunder Bay motel room.

  • Panties

  • I had a friend named Tamzin

  • Halloween should be about being something gross

  • EdgeDweller
  • skull island

  • The Way I see it
  • Quit it already with the flags!

  • Oh Man, That Law & Order:SVU Dialogue Slays Me!

  • HonkyCracker
  • Happy Thoughts

  • Poop Beetle
  • Space Aliens

  • kind o long story Poland Springs, ME

  • CootieGirl
  • How to quit your job and love every minute of it

  • Tim
  • Your mother, and the reasons why I am breaking up with you.

  • Methods for getting published by McSweeney's Online Accumulation (and an explanation of each, in lay terms)

  • But you said we could stay up forever

  • 97 Things to Fuck

  • Klutch.xls
  • Honestly

  • Christ-Smash

  • Keine Angst
  • Merry Happy Whatever

  • Robot Journal
  • Happyrobot 2003 Winter Conference

  • Talk to the animals

  • Letters from Pat
  • Letters from Pat

  • Medium Pimping
  • Grandma Smartypants

  • Teen News
  • Director's cut

  • Bygones (Ally McBeal)

  • LisaSays
  • disrupting the normal flow of discussion on an iVillage Message Board

  • The Humping Animal Crackers

  • Foodies

  • Nutshell Kingdom
  • NJ Voodoo

  • i have never been to europe

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    Words from Kristen
  • 1/2/2002

  • wonderful retrospective rich. thanks for giving us the robot!
    »liz ||  12/31/2002 ||  11:53:14 AM
    i hope i get a "special" hug. thanks rich
    »nster ||  12/31/2002 ||  12:41:18 PM
    Ditto. Words to your mother, Rich. When's the Happyrobot reunion party, so'n I can meet people?
    »herschel weiner ||  12/31/2002 ||  3:14:54 PM
    2002 was a great year on the robot!
    »stan ||  1/5/2003 ||  10:29:28 AM
    THIS is a lot to read
    »eyeball ||  1/24/2003 ||  6:07:30 PM

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