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Robot Party 2003
Dude. It was rad.
I guess the only problem was that people trickled in over like a six hour time span, so the first wave of people didn't meet the last wave of people.
We were in the bar for so long.
But, it was great to meet people. MatthewS is a swell fellow. Kelly is also a swell fellow, but in her case when I say "fellow", I mean "girl".
Oh, and a shout out to her friends T & M - they were also swell.
I think Kelly was trying to brown nose the teacher by bringing me a gift but we put it to good use as you can see in the photographs.

In other birthday nudes, Lisa sent me about 100 fortune cookies - yum, and future-riffic.

I bought a new jacket Sunday. It's downy-esque.

Blue Ribbon
We went to Blue Ribbon sushi Saturday night for dinner. It was good, but not the great sushi spot I had heard about.
I mean, it was very good, but I think I was looking for slap-your-forehead good.
My beer tasted kind of stale so I think that affected the taste of everything.

On CitySearch, there is a review for Blue Ribbon:
Author: Jewel_Bako [Posted: 01/13/2003]
Blue Ribbon
This place is worst ever! They only have 1 type of fish, and no rolls, no tea, and sake all bad! Chef was mean to me! Waiters were doing stuff, come to Jewel Bako, it better!

Interestingly, the authors usename is Jewel Bako, which is the name of another great sushi restaurant (actually, we tried to go there - Blue Ribbon was our second choice).
Also, the user gave the restaurant a perfect 10 on all it's ratings, and then summed it up as "FANTASTIC, EVERYTHING"

Oh, and the fact that they have only one type of fish? And no rolls or tea? WTF.

The Guestbook
What is going on there?
nneka uyaemesi
How do I get a caring Nigerian husband

nneka uyaemesi
How do I get a husband soon

simon gutesjö
i thint mt.T i cool gay....
I am a big fan too A-team...

happy birthday happyrobot! and a big ole happy birthday to rich as well...
»liz ||  2/3/2003 ||  8:38:13 AM
Happy Dirty 30 something Rich! ... my friends and I thought all the robots were swell too! ... Viva La Robots!
»k ||  2/3/2003 ||  9:44:27 AM
once again, my apolgies for not making it down thsi weekend. but happy birthday!
»chris ||  2/3/2003 ||  9:57:52 AM
Happy Birthday. Well Rich, the guy seems sort of sweet on you. Love the shirt! I'll be he worked hard on it.
»de ||  2/3/2003 ||  7:43:35 PM
arg! missed your BIRTHDAY! nobody told me. it's all part of a huge conspiracy to make me look bad. SO misguided. i can't believe you haven't seen that shirt before. they're only EVERYWEHRE!! anyway. happy 21st!! i'm really sorry i missed the day!!!
»jackie ||  2/5/2003 ||  8:15:02 PM

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