The Trip Over
Virgin Atlantic is real swell and friendly, but let me tell you this: sitting in the back of the plane, next to the bathroom, in economy, with no leg room for 6 hours isn't a day in the park (unless your park is different than mine).

Get off the Track!
After we landed we had to get from the airport (in London, it's called Ye Olde Aeroporte) to a train station to get another train to York. We arrived at the tube station at Heathrow and they told us that the trains were out of service because of someone 'laying on the track'.

We finally get on the train to York, and it's slow going. The conductor gets on the intercom and says, "We apologize for the delay - but there are trespassers on the line".

What I learned: Those brits love to lie on train tracks.

Hello York
York is pretty. Our hotel was the one right next to the train station and was in the process of being remodeled which resulted in hit and misses with the rooms. Our non-smoking king was a tiny room that obviously wasn't non-smoking with a queen bed and completely non-soundproof walls (as we found out when the baby in our room started crying - or at least it sounded like it was in our room).
We changed rooms the next day and the new room was lovely.

Hotel bar
Everyone who was in York for the wedding tended to stay in this same hotel - so we pretty much took over the lobby bar every night, which was great fun. Those friendly brits have all these legal issues with hard liquor (you only get like an eyedropper full) so it's much better to use your money to buy beer.

Exchange Rate
Holy crap the exchange rate was bad. It was 1 to $1.89 when we left. Now I know how you Canadians feel when you visit the US.

Tourist York
York is pretty. We climbed the tower of York Minster (aka the largest gothic cathedral in northern Europe). Laborious climb up there, but it reminded me of my college-era trip to Europe where I believe we climbed every tower and dome in every cathedral we came to.

The Wedding
It went smashingly.
I think Leslie & Jeremy were quite pleased with how everything went.
Did you see the castle? Yow!
The ceremony was all full of love and the dinner and toasts were excellent (sticky toffee pudding for dessert!!).
It was all good.

The Bus Ride Back
As well as the wedding went, the chartered bus ride back to the hotel... was, well... as memorable. The back of the bus was full of drunken goofballs yelling and people dancing in aisles and at the same time we are all being thrown around because we are on a moving bus.
It may have been one of those things that was best if you were there with us (which you may have been).

I feel sorry for the quiet people and small children in the front of the bus who had to endure the 20 minute nuttiness.

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‘rushed list of things‘ live from our uk adventure hello england - part ii - london

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