Wine Club Four: Sparkling Wine
Version 4.0 of Wine Club was this weekend. First, a big thank-you to everyone who came by. It was great fun - having other people help me purchase wine and then drink it, well, that is just awesome.
This time it was very loose with the type of wine. "Sparkling wine - white, red, pink, blue - whatever. As long as it's not champagne."

It was a nice general selection, and the only low note was the Cava that I brought that was just painful. I may be missing something with Cava - but it was like drinking carbonated brine. Sure, I like the beach, but I am not drinking the water.
Granted it could be the bottle I bought - I won't let one bottle ruin me on Cava.

Well, here are the results.

First Place

Jaillance Cuvee Imperiale
French sparkling wine
Comments: "Beautiful"
"Sweet flowers"
"Fruity ahoy! But ruined by phone call"
"Delicate, smooth, fruity"
"Musky smell - like scuppernong grapes"
"This one wants to be your friend"
"Unsophisticated, but a lot of fun to be around. Wears fruity lip gloss, but kisses good"

Second Place

Villa Jolanda Prosecco
Italian sparkling white

Comments: "Nice, but the bubbles disappeared quickly"
"This is fruity, but you are not a fruit - nor am I a fruit. I enjoy how secure this makes me feel in my sexuality. It also makes me pretty."
"Only the Italians could have such tiny, tiny bubbles. I love."
"Very sprightly bubbles"
"Butter, butter, butter - Parkay"
"Sweet tones - honey"
"Honeysuckle bouquet and a spicy musky flavor"
"Tastes like wine alright - I'd drink it"

Roederer Estate - Anderson Valley Brut
California sparkling white

Comments: "Rich is a big fag! Tastes like champagne. Mmm good!!"
"The most champagne-like"
"Apple, pear bouquet"
"Sturdy bubbles. Nuptialrific!"
"A fine ending to a fine day (glasses clink, bubbles bubble)"
"Champagne! Happy New Year! A party in my head hole!"

Third Place

Chandon California Sparkling Red
California Sparkling Red

Comments: "It's Red! Nice start - doesn't finish well. Would be great with steak. I better eat some goat (cheese)"
"This is the red one, but really so much more - the surprise and beloved holiday guest"
"I like sex and candy! Very sweet, chewiest of wines so far. Great with white meats"
"Smells like chives and dill and gravy. Drink with meat."
"Red! Fizzy! Sure wasn't not un-good!"
"Maybe too sweet and almost too bubbly"
"Sharp and bubbly"

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