Wine Club Number Five
A huge thanks to Reba + Eric for hosting Wine Club this month. It was all about Rosé and a swinging time was had by all (as someone who shall remain nameless commented, "I don't recall getting this drunk at previous wine clubs").
There was a nice turnout, and our lovely hosts provided a cornucopia of snacks to go along with our wine.

For me it was nice because I hadn't tasted a whole lot of Rosé and was surprised how different (and awesome) it all was from how I expected them to taste. I was surprised by the complexity, the beautiful color, the fruit, and the perfume all packaged together in a very and easy to drink light wine.

Reba threw a bit of a wrench into the proceedings, but a 'good' wrench, when she pulled out a bottle of Dom Perignon Rosé. It was beautiful and something you don't come across very often (or, um, ever). We were all sitting there tasting wine and making our final scores, and she pops this one out and everyone has to re-do their rankings.
Woe is we.

So, without further ado, here are the results of Wine Club Five...

First Place

Dom Perignon Sparkling Rosé - 1990
(uh, France)
"Wait! I thought we did Sparkling Wine last time!", "tastes like toast", "really f*cking good", "old 'n classy - like me", "awesome, bubbly, smooth, beautiful, buttery, toasty color"

Second Place (tie)
Vina Vilano - 2003
"this grows on you - happy mouth", "a different type of wine - can stand up to a challenge", "clean finish, sweet, strong", "more punchy", "like when someone spanks you in the 3rd grade", "dances in your mouth"

Midi - 2003
"perfumey bouquet", "slight, almost green apple tartness", "nice salmon color, good balanced nose", "smells musty but tastes clean - very nice with a sour smile", "light - good acid"

Third Place
Wolfer - 2003
(Long Island, NY)
"looked like peach, whole lot of tastes", "pungent - smells like pineapple", "spicy and wet", "surprisingly tropical nose, sharp and zippy", "lovely nose","s-e-x-y", "fizzy texture keeps you on your toes", "tropical tones, honeydew, peachy"

Delightful time.
Once again, thanks to everyone who made it.


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