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Election 2004

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Kudos to Homeland Security

See, this is why I don't like people who aren't exactly like me
This past Friday afternoon after the convention.
There I was sitting in the airport watching this particularly entertaining gaggle of convention folks waiting for their flight. They were all suburb goofy... Visors. Gold jewelery. Non-ironic Izod clothing.
Looking suspiciously at the brown skinned man near them.
Flags everywhere.

"We are now boarding flight number 1234 to Jacksonville Florida"
They all got on the plane.

I love you big stink towne.

Must Read
Did you read the letter to Mayor Bloomberg? That John Ball deserves a beer or three for that. I guess I should be the one to pay for them, so let's go.

Gary Coleman
I finally posted the Gary Coleman pic.

Kudos to Homeland Security
Because I was feeling cranky and busy Friday morning, I called a car service for my ride to the Airport (aka El Aeroporto) because sometimes cabs can be a bit scarce whenever I actually need one.

I was picked up by Vic (no, not my dad) who's first comment to me was, "These cops on this block are fucking assholes".
(I love you big stink towne)
Vic and I talked the whole way about various things. He did tell me one fairly noteworthy story though. It went something like this...

Rich, let me tell you this story. You'll like it. Yesterday I drive this girl up to (somewhere) in New Jersey. You know that town? Well, it's right near the George Washington Bridge. I used to live around there, Rich, but back when I lived there the Asians were moving in, but now all you smell is curry and shit. Funny how neighborhoods always change.
So, I am driving along and get kind of stuck trying to get on the GWB. You know, I was in that right lane where it's slow and shit.

I am behind this truck, about the size of the one in front of us, actually. That white one.
Our lane gets run through this security check before we get on the bridge - you know, they got those big trucks and things to look up under your car.
So, I sit there and wait for them to check out that truck. I'm patient - I don't have anywhere to go.
Finally I pull up and this security comes up to me and says,"We need to check your trunk - do you want to tell us about anything you might have in there before we do?"

Now, Rich, I am fucking Italian. We put people in trunks all the time, but we ain't no terrorists. I mean when you kill a guy - he deserved to be killed, y'know?

I am telling the guy this and he is saying, "whoa calm down - we just need to check your trunk" - but I am still mad.

Then it dawns on me - I had gotten a stress test two days earlier. I start to laugh and I tell the cop and he needs some sort of proof and I happen to have the receipt in my car.
I show it to them, and they know all about this stuff. You know, they stick some radiation in you so they can measure stuff. Something about half-lifes and shit - I mean, what the f*ck do I know?

The cops, they know all about this shit - like they are doctors.
But, the thing is, they detected that stuff from outside my car. And it can't be that much radioactive stuff in that test. F*cking incredible.

Hello orangutan!

Vote Kerry
Why oh why are there people in NYC, of all places, going around drumming up votes for Kerry? What's the point? I think NY is pretty much voting democrat - why don't they go to a swing state and canvas there?

Oh, and when we were in LA there were people with clipboards asking folks if they wanted to donate $100 to the Kerry campaign.
Um. I'm not giving you $100 on the street. Sorry.

I don't hate them
Really, I don't hate Republicans. I have friends and family who are going to vote for GWB. What I hate, and this would apply to both sides, are the fanatical believers who take everything out their parties mouth as set in stone.
I hate the folks who only get their info from media source and don't question anything.
I hate ignorant.

Also, I suppose conventions aren't a good judge of political parties in the first place - I mean who goes to these things in the first place?
Mainly crazy, overly enthusiastic people methinks.

Dude. My homeland is flooding. Papa! Get that ark finished!

F*cking incredible.

»anne ||  9/8/2004 ||  11:03:40 PM
"What I hate, and this would apply to both sides, are the fanatical believers who take everything out their parties mouth as set in stone."

Amen, Rich.

Being that I am a) one of the brown / crayoal skinned folks that gets stared at and b) essentially married to a republican, I especially hear you.

Sorry it took you two hours to get to work yesterday.
»liz ||  9/9/2004 ||  9:15:32 AM
Holy Flood Batman
»binx ||  9/9/2004 ||  11:24:03 AM

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