Words that don't appear in the US Constitution
1. God
2. Religion
3. Jesus
4. Hot dog
5. Evil-doers
6. Chruch
7. Santa
8. happyrobot
9. Pants
10. Crucify
11. Crusade
12. Internet

US Constitution

I wish I hadn't read that article about the woman in Ohio who is against the US rebuilding Iraq when Iraq isn't helping rebuild the World Trade Center.
Please tell me that this columnist is just making this up - tell me that people aren't this stupid.

Who am I kiddng? People are just stupid.

Thanks for the choice
I'm sorry, but I can't really take anyone serious who has blind devotion for George Bush or John Kerry.
Is this the best our country can do?

Separation of Chruch and State
It concerns me that so many people support our president on the sole reason that he is has been "born again".

George Bush
"We have no evidence that Saddam Hussein was involved with the 11 September attacks"

"There's no question that Saddam Hussein had al Qaeda ties"

Dr. Condoleezza Rice
"We have no evidence that Saddam Hussein was involved in the September 11th attacks"

Bill of Rights
"Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances."

Britney Spears
"I think we should just trust our president in every decision that he makes and we should just support that"

Email from co-worker
I am sorry but I do not meet the dressing policy requirements today

Reasons for why we attacked Iraq
- In the aftermath of the attacks on America that killed thousands of innocents from 80 countries, Saddam Hussein said, "America is reaping the thorns planted by its rulers in the world."

- Amnesty International reported that, in October 2000, the Iraqi Government executed dozens of women accused of prostitution.

- Former UN Human Rights Special Rapporteur Max Van der Stoel's report in April 1998 stated that Iraq had executed at least 1,500 people during the previous year for political reasons.

see the whole list


Topics regarding Star Wars that my pal Eric and I covered while eating burritos during lunch Thursday
1. The concept of a "force ghost" in itself is just silly - it's even sillier that in ROTJ they replace "old" Anakin with the younger one played by that cranky teen person. Apparently, Lucas's neck said that your 'force ghost' takes the form of when you were 'good' - but wasn't Darth Vader good when he finally killed the emperor?

2. That whole thing about Lucas having planned this whole thing out is just BS - can we all admit that now?

3. Our friend Alec was born after Star Wars came out.

4. Eric's favorite point is that in the huge galaxy they live, everything seems to take place on this one stupid desert planet.

My crazy theory
See, I think that first prequel movie Lucas and his neck did was just worthless. Sure, there may have been some crazy cool digital effects, but it was pointless in the grand scheme of the story.
What did we learn? Some kid has some strong force thing in his pants and he is a kickass pilot?
Oh, and his mom got pregnant via some sort of immaculate conception.
How about just adding 10 minutes of backstory stuff to the second movie.
No point for that first movie. The second one should have been the first.

That's what I would of done.

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