Spanish Reds
We had the sixth edition of wine club Sunday and it was quite a success if I say so myself. The wine of the day was Spanish reds, and I didn't really specify a certain grape or region - mainly because we don't get a huge amount of Spanish wines here.

I think about 13 people showed up, which was a bunch for Casa de Robot, yet it worked out quite nicely. I made a bunch of frittatas, and bought a ton of olives and cheeses - it was all good.
A big robot thanks to fine folks at Smith & Vine who recommended some awesome wines (including our first place wine) - and they kept track of who had bought what so that we wouldn't have any duplicates.
They rock.

We had a robot contingency in town from Boston with Klutch and the lovely ChrisQ, as well as Chris from HonkyCracker who just moved to NJ.

Stu from Post Modern Drunkard came by, along with Jonathan, aka cryfolk.
I had great fun hanging out with everyone - although I am not sure I paid much attention to the wines, at least initially.

We generally liked every red that we had, and, in my case, I came away thinking that a red Spainish wine should be a pretty safe bet whenever I need a red.
So, without much apu, here are our results:

1st Place
Artazuri Navarra 2002
Brought by Eric
"Somewhat outstanding"
"Super spicy"
"Mouth explosion purple tongue"
"Fruit rollups"
"I like it. I don't know why, but I do."

2nd Place
Torres Sangre de Toro 2002
Brought by Richard (F)
"Smooth and grapey"
"Chocolate, currants, cayenne"
"Soft like pepper"
"Boy, did I like this one, tho it may be the onions talking"

3rd Place
Casa del al Ermita 2001
Brought by ChrisQ
"Reminds me of Abraham Lincoln - very presidential"
"Velvety taste"
"Punchy, too"
"I like this. I can't figure out why"
"Man, that was quite good"

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