Favorite meals #1 - #5
No, these aren't super fancy meals, but are the ones that I look back on and get a warm, food-feeling from.

1. The time in Interlaken, Switzerland, where George and I had been hiking and getting lost and hiking and getting lost all day and finally found our way back to town. It was dark and chilly and I pulled out my emergency credit card and bought us a dinner of fondue and pasta. We went through many carafes of wine - I actually told the waiter that whenever he saw it empty to just refill it.
We had great fun getting sloshed and eating cheese.
After dinner we met up with our traveling companion Bobby who had made sandwiches for dinner and I think was a bit cranky with us (since we were sloshed and full of cheese).

2. The first time we ate at Grocery. There was something goofy/magical about it as it appeared that friendly people kept sliding little dishes of delicious things in front of us whenever we turned away. It felt like we were there all night (but in the good way).

3. The six-course meal we had at Blue Star Monday night that had wine pairings for each course supplied by the lovely folks at Smith & Vine. It, too, seemed to last all night. The best part was that the Blue Star chef and the super friendly folks from Smith & Vine were so into it - such enthusiasm.

4. Jeff's bachelor party at Old Homestead. For me, that is now my standard for 'guys night out dinner'. Oysters, shrimp, wine, 18 year old scotch, big-ass steaks, 70 year old waiters, big-ass cheese cake, scotch.

5. Joanna fixing Thanksgiving. I don't recall a particular one, and I think I may actually have suffered brain damage from the amount of food from each of them - but damn! Tons of dishes, all made from scratch.
My favorite memory is the time Evan and I both excused ourselves so that we could go in to the other room to lie down in our food coma. I crashed on the bed and he crashed on the floor - wives then came in later to laugh at us.

XML updates
Picture Monkey. Hello from Iraq. Token Book Review.
They are now all available on the happyrobot XML/RSS feed thing-a-ma-jig.

Trackback? No, you.
There are new trackback links on the site and someone asked me what the heck they are and what they do.
So, real simple, here's how it works.

Let's say I write an ode to Fish Tacos and post it here on the Robot Journal. Someone out there on the internets sees my post and writes something on their "blog" about me loving Fish Tacos (they are so awesome they must always be capitalized).

Follow along here.
I write about Fish Tacos.
Some other person, let's call him, Joe Blabosphere, sees my ode and writes about it his 'blog'. If Joe's little blogging software thing does trackbacks, it will 'ping' my site and basically say, "Dude! Joe is writing about your post about Fish Tacos!!" and it will show up in the comments window with a link.
Hmmm. It's kind of like a tattle-tail.

It's kind of like comments. Sort of.

At this point, I am only doing incoming trackbacks (i.e. people talking about us) but very soon will have it up and running so that you (the robot writer) can do them in the other direction.

To sum up, they are super dorky.

Open letters

Question for Bono
On that, well, great live version of Sunday Bloody Sunday from the Under a Blood Red Sky album (which is, yes, still pretty awesome) you said that there was a lot of talk about the next song and also that this song, the one where there was a lot of talk, was not, contrary to what some might say, a "rebel song".

Was there really a lot of talk about this next song? Did people accuse you writing a rebel song?
Wait. What's a rebel song?
This is about Star Wars isn't it?

Seriously though. I bought the album at "Brendle's" which was a goofy department store, but in 1982 had a record section where they stocked this album.
In hindsight that is pretty odd.

An ode to Fish Tacos
Fish Tacos why do you rock so much?
Yes, you can be messy, but you completely make up for it.
I bite into you, Fish Taco, and there's the crunchy shell holding you together. Inside that is tasty fried fish topped with a tartar-esque sauce.
Oh, is that cheese? Sweet!
Are those tomatoes and lettuce? They are cool and crispy.
Pico de gallo? Sure!

Fish Tacos, you make other tacos seem like cheap excuses for tacos. Beef and chicken are just lucky to be able to call themselves tacos and maybe ride on your crunchy taco coattails.
I love you Fish Tacos.


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