Resolutions Galore
I usually don't do the whole resolution thing. The few times I have, they were forgotten by the time the hangover wore off.
"I'm going to become a rock star karate champ in 1989! woooooooooo! Let's make out!"
New Years resolutions seem to be a great racket for gyms, though.

60% - Become a fan of Charles Bronson
This could easily be my "cougar" for 2005. We watched Death Wish 3 the other night, which was just so awesomely odd, funny, retarded.
For instance, there was a gang member named "the Giggler".

50% - Balance my checkbook on a regular basis
Unless I get laid off or begin to occur some major expenses, I don't think there is anyway this will happen. During 2004, my finances got ignored.
I have this great knack of spending the same amount of money every month, so there has never been much of a need to keep track of it.

35% - Take some sort of class for something
There are a dozen different areas of study where I could get my learn-on, but the thought of going back to school makes my head hurt.
I do need to learn me some French, because these bottles of wine are hard to figure out sometimes.

25% - Join a gym
I did that for a while, but never really got into it. I think I'd rather just ride my bike - except of course I don't do that when it's chilly (although I did ride all over Red Hook on New Years Day).

93% - Drink more wine
2004 was my year of white wine, so 2005 should be my red wine year. I need to swill more French wine. And Italian. And Spanish.
Oh, and NY wines.

70% - Become a "cool" uncle
My brother's wife is having a baby in a month (hi suzy!). Even though my wife's sister has two kids, I have never felt that attached to them. Possibly because I think they make fun of me or think I'm gay. Gay uncle Robot!
But, my little brother is having a kid and I am totally looking forward to drowning the kid in Legos and buying him non-cute baby clothes (I plan on buying him all-black baby clothes).

100% - Not go bear hunting
This is more of an inside joke with the ol' wife, but it's true. I will not go bear hunting this year (unless I am hunting for those bear shaped honey jars in the store).

85% - Make happyrobot more kick-ass
I'll try.

40% - Stop making fun of the blogs-o-sphere
Why do I find the world of "bloggers" so hilariously goofy - even when I participate in it?

5% - Get a therapist
I am shockingly normal and boring, although I sometimes really want to punch people for no reason.

80% - Wine Club!
Continue Wine Club into 2005. With the recent romantic happenings at the last one, I am sure I can rope in more single folks.

65% - Read better
My reading habits are all wonkey. I have like 2,000 books on my bedside table and I have read a chapter here and there of all of them. I need to sit down and read these things from the start to the finish.

70% - Work on TV Sucks
I don't watch that much TV, but would love to grow the TV Sucks feature here on happyrobot. I realize that I would have to watch more TV though - and I would probably have to purposely watch sucky TV.
I am hoping that some of you out there volunteer to help.

10% - Buy something
Our tax accounting guy says doing our taxes is boring and is requesting that we buy something so things will be more interesting.
We need to buy a house or something.
I want more closets.
I guess I need to find some money first, though.

60% - The book version of happyrobot
Yea, this has to be done.

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