This has been a great weekend for getting booty - I don't know what it was about this particular weekend, but I made out like a bandit.
(Let's all imagine making out with a bandit.)
(And by "bandit", I of course mean Burt Reynolds.)

We had dinner with Klutch, HonkyCracker, & HC's lovely gal-pal Becky Saturday night. Klutch screen-printed a shirt for me that says, "OMG!!!!11!!11" on it. It's bright yellow.
On the back it says, "internets".

At dinner, the fellows at Ginger gave us a late holiday gift - a fancy bottle of sake. I guess I should come clear with the users over at SushiNYC that as the webmaster there, I sometimes accept gifts from sushi restaurant owners.
OK, well, just one restaurant.

Mrs. Robot had bought me a watch for Christian Holiday back in December - it was one of those Skagen (Jae Skagens?) The problem was the crystal on the watch cracked after the first couple of days. We took it back to Macy's and after talking to every manager there and Bob Macy himself, they credited Mrs. Robot's credit card.
(Interestingly, MattyJ had almost the exact same issue with his Skagen watch. Buyer beware.)

Mrs. Robot and I went to the Clay Pot in Park Slope (what a fine store that is) and she bought me a new Hamilton watch (like that one, but with a black strap).
It's way cool.
No, really. I am enamored with it.
(My grandmother had given my father a Hamilton watch when he graduated from high-school or law school or something... for some reason I felt like I needed one)

We had dinner with MattyJ, JackieJ, and Jazzbo Sunday night, and I mentioned that I was cleaning our little home office in anticipation of our new baby (and by baby, I mean computer). MattyJ decided to give me my birthday present early this year, and presented me with this awesome Eric Joyner framed robot print.
Um, actually, this one:

I just hung it on my wall.
It looks rockin' cool.

To sum up the booty

Timely News

Beatie Boys Aren't Hardcore on New Album
By Allison Brophy Champion
WJBF is a TV station in Augusta Georgia and features this timely review of the last Beastie Boys album.

My snarky mention of this is because:
1. The awesome misspelling of "Beatie" Boys
2. The timeliness of it ("Hey, slow news day - why doesn't someone review that Beatie Boy album that came out last summer")
3. "This album has lots of F-bombs, but don't mistake profanity for hardcore."

Snarky News Two
Then there is the always entertaining NY Daily News, which had an article about an extended family that was selling crack out of a, you guessed it, crack house.
Crack dynasty shattered

Granted, it's a serious story since they were busting a drug ring that was employing teens to help them sell crack, and during one of the buys, a woman was holding a baby while she sold crack.

Then again, I just really like these paragraphs...
Then early one morning this month, the NYPD, state police officers and federal Drug Enforcement Administration agents rolled up outside the brownstone at 67 Stuyvesant Ave. The crackheads were in for a surprise.

The task force's "Operation Hold the Mayo" had made enough discreet buys to cart away nearly the entire clan, including its ringleader, Ronald Mayo.

Oh, Allison
Oddly enough, both of these articles that I randomly came across today were written by women named Allison.
I must have some sort of issue with that name.

Annoying Little Girls
The following is something that Mrs. Robot just posted elsewhere on the internets, and I am reposting it here:
American Girl Hell
Today on my day off I ventured to the American Girl Store to buy a dog named Gracie for a friend in NC who wanted to give it as a gift to her niece.

HOLY CRAP! I had no idea what I was getting into. Has anyone else been introduced to this insanity?

I really felt I was going to have a panic attack. The place is so overwhelming and everywhere you turn there are gaggles of prissy girls with their prissy moms.

AND they were sold out of the Gracie the dog. It'll be back in stock in March.

Other random news tidbits
- Teens tumble down escalators

- Funeral of slain family brings Muslim-Christian tensions to boil
I was not familiar with "Coptic Christians", and, um, I am still not that sure what their dealio is, but there was a tragic story of this entire family being slaughtered over the weekend - and the family was Coptic Christians from Egypt, and now it's turned into quite a rude Christian vs. Muslim thing.

The one thing I did notice is that the families church blames this all on a Muslim vs. Christian argument that the father had on an internet chat room.

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