Wine Club #8 - NY State
Well, 20,000 feet of snow couldn't stop Wine Club. The ever handsome Richard Fisher hosted and provided lovely snacks for our tasting of New York State Wines.
A good time was had by all.

Our random wine picking yielded 2 rieslings, 2 chardonnays, 1 cabernet sauvignon, and 3 merlots - and I think the group consensus was that the Rieslings were the most interesting and tasty.
The merlots were pleasant, like merlots like to be.

The chardonnays were liked by everyone, except me. Maybe it was the cold medicine, but I had a really hard time getting into them. One of them I reviewed as "Is this really chardonnay? It's like sour apples." The other one I also found tart as well, but I couldn't smell anything distinctive (could be my stuffy nose) and it vanished from my mouth as soon as it was swallowed.
None of that oaky, buttery california stuff here.

Interesting. Maybe I'll re-try these when I am not high on drugs.

So, here are the three favorites from Wine Club #8.

2003 Herman J. Wiemer - Johannisberg Riesling
Finger Lakes
"Fruity, clean"
"Very enjoyable, on the sweet side with a little peppery taste"
"Pleasantly tart for a Riesling"

2001 Corey Creek - Chardonnay
North Fork Long Island
"I smell coconut"
"Very kicky"
"My favorite - I could drink this all night"
"Is it me, or is there no nose? No finish?
"It's grown on me"

3rd Place tie

Treleaven - Dry Riesling
Cayuga Lake
"I taste pear"
"Crisp and light, like a Hugh Grant movie"
"Maybe too soft?"
"Very gulpable"
"A bouquet like a delicate marshmallow"

Palmer Vineyards - Merlot
North Fork Long Island
"My fave of the reds"
"Oaky and smoky"
"Cracking fruit"
"Jack's wine sucks"

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