As the flashes blinded us in the photobooth
Saturday was a good day. I mean, all the other days were good - but Saturday was pretty all-around fun.
Blaine of Nutshell Kingdom and Kristen of Solstice were asleep in my living room when I awoke early to use the robot box.
(To clarify, they weren't asleep together - Blaine was on the air-oh!-bed and Kristen was on the couch)

We had a lovely breakfast at Boerum Hill where I feasted on eggs, biscuits, and bacon. The ladies and Blaine went out and I stayed in and had a lazy few hours in the sunshiney apartment with the cat and the newspaper.

Around 3pm, Matt, Sydney, and Blaine popped in and we went to City Sub. Mrs. Robot and I take lots of out-of-towners there and we always say, "They make the very best subs". It was great.
Just ask Blaine.

We walked around Park Slope a bit and then I went into the city and met Mrs. Robot, Mr. Solstice, and Ms. Our-pal-Karen at Vintage NY for 5pm wine.
Everything was great, except the Rose we had (it had a real yeasty nose) and the amazing, mouth-orgasming gewurztraminer / sauvignon blanc dessert wine wasn't Karen's favorite, but that just meant we got to drink her glass.

If Magician is the blogger's Peach Pit, then Ginger is happyrobot's Seinfeld Diner. The four of us showed up and were enjoying our sake when Evan from Picture Monkey came in with his 'finance' Hali. Then HonkyCracker showed up with Becky. Then Jonathan who hangs out here a bunch.
It was nutz!
Somehow we ended up at 7B for a drink, where we met up with Jeff y Claire and played in the photo booth.

We ate a lot this weekend.
We drank a lot this weekend.

Liar Liar Liar
For the past year we have been getting phone calls from collection agencies for these people with a ridiculous last name. The ridiculous last name people owe someone money, and it turns out that somehow our phone number is the one that the collection agencies have for these ridiculous last name people.

Have you ever dealt with a collection agency? I haven't until now.
One great thing about collection agencies (and by great I mean "shitty") is that they are a collection agency. All day these "collectors" chase down people, and I am sure that many of the phone calls that they make are to the actual people, and those actual people tell the headsetted collection agency monkey that, "No, you got the wrong number".

See? So, it's like people probably lie to them all the time - it's par for the course. Now, then imagine if you will that they DO have the number wrong. This is where it gets interesting.

Me: "Hello?"
Collection Monkey: "Is Mr. ridiculous last name there?"
Me: "Who?"
Collection Monkey: "Mr. ridiculous last name"
Me: "Um, ha. I think you have the wrong number"
Collection Monkey: "No, this is the right number"
Me: "How odd. We've had this number since 1999"
Collection Monkey: "No, this is the right number"

My White Whale
Today I started up my internet machine and decided to search for Mr. & Mrs. Ridiculous Last Name - this is what I have found.

Wife grew up in Bensonhurst and graduated from New Utrecht High School in Brooklyn - class of 1994. Her husband graduated from a different school in 1996. He's now a sergeant in the army and they are stationed in Fort Carson (Colorado). They have two children - I know one is a boy.
Wife's email is at AOL and features "Luv" and "xo" in the username.
She misses NY style food.
She signs her internet posts with "one love"

Write them?
I suppose since I have her email, I should write her and mention that I am tired of getting her calls.

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